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From: Tom von Schwerdtner

>> Rationale:: >> >> While raw reST is far easier to read (IMHO) than many other st's, it >> still has some oddities that could/would confuse the unprepared reader. >> In my case, I want to use reST to prepare letters, emails and faxes from >> the same source (that basically means PDF, HTML and text output). >> Cleaning up the text is important because when it comes to email, the >> recipient may want to receive either HTML or plain text. >> >> So, anyone written one? (I havent even looked at the code, just thought >> I'd ask before I started coding)

I've got a start at one:

Turn on ascii_fluff to get added ascii formatting. Without that option, it's designed to give you ascii + a list of links/markup information that is suitable to feed into a rich text display widget.

Note that I've not been using the ascii fluff option lately so there may be some problems. Some things (like tables) are also unimplemented.

Let me know if you have any questions. You're welcome to use any or all of the code as you wish.

Stephan Deibel

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