Linux User's Group Meeting, Wednesday August 14th, 2002

In Attendance: Jon Baier, Kent Tenny, Mike Garvin, Jared

I. Need for organization on two levels

A. Weekly activities in\for meetings

1. Assigned note taker

2. Weekly presentation given by rotating speaker

3. Weekly Assignments? (review websites, prepare presentations etc.)

B. Long term goals for Linux Group\Inland Sea Society

1. Successfully recycle donated hardware

a. Collect hardware

b. Install a Custom Linux distribution on all hardware (see point 2)

c. Distribute Free Computers

2. Design very simple, fool proof Linux distribution

a. Include web browser and LAN games and word processing, etc.

b.include a Linux tutorial on how to use more advanced Linux distributions, coyote, Redhat etc.

3. Win grants for the ideas of

a. Recreational community tech center for teens

(Web content easily filtered)

b. Educational community tech center for teens

c. Educational community tech center for seniors\adults

d. Free access for underprivileged/uneducated/poor

e. Free computers for nonprofit\not-for-profit organizations

f. Innovative sustainability\recycling project

4. Use Zope to edit and refine our goals within the Linux group


to reach communal consensus as final statement of intent

b. or to use zope as basis for work of professional writer

5. Develop franchise plan for opening community centers everywhere

6. SourceForge volunteer system; post our idea for a custom distribution of Linux and hope for a positive, collaborative response

II. Move forward on obtaining donated hardware

A. TRS- 80 from Brad Bergman @Ashland High School

B. 200 McIntosh computers from Wayne Griffiths; beeper number 746-1111

III. General

A. Mrs. Sharon Stewart is an accomplished grant writer with an outstanding reputation

B. Our web page should be everything to everyone, as in pleasing to any number of grant bestowing agencies

Notes taken by Joseph R. Carroll III