Longrun next generation

The domain name longrun.org lapsed and was lost in 2004 or so.

In Ashland, the project is closely associated with the name, hence longrun<version>. This might also be useful if another location implemented our style of computer recycling and wanted to piggy back.

The City Of Ashland currently is custodian of the effort, a recent conversation with Brian Knapp, City Administrator, indicated the next step to be gathering interested parties to discuss the future of Longrun.

Potential Cast of characters

  • Tom Wojo, expressed interest
  • Andy Pope expressed interest
  • Barb Bell, will deliver the material she produced when helping the project
  • Mark Westman
  • Mike Gardner
  • Bruce Lindgren
  • Bridgett
  • Joe Agostine
  • John Uffenbach
  • Annie Schneider
  • Scott Burchill
  • Wayne Griffiths
  • Chris Plansky
  • Jon Baier (in Madison, might be interested in remote work)
  • Graham (of Emma and Graham)