This is, home of the ZWiki wiki-on-zope software and also a place to discuss ZoPe, WikiTopics, and other things.

The site is a wiki, running ZWiki 2.0b1 and ZoPe 2.9, operated by SimonMichael.

Site content is developed and maintained by the ZWiki community. Please help us make these pages more useful. There is a ZwikiDotOrgContentContract (not updated recently). A copyright policy should be added. The ZopeWiki:ZopeWikiPolicies probably work here too.

To find your way around, see FrontPage for starting points, or check out HowToFindThingsInZwiki.

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The site has a defensive BlockList

Here are the SiteReliability and MemoryUsage projects.

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WikiCleanup and ZwikiDocumentation are two ongoing projects.

See also AboutZwikiDiscussion.