Clarification of some terms you'll see used in the Zwiki world. See also ZopeWiki:Glossary .


WikiWikiWeb, WikiWiki, WardsWiki, Wiki
the original wiki site and its software. Still one of the largest and most active wikis. See WikiWikiWeb.
a wiki, wiki web, wiki site
a kind of web site that's easy to edit and follows certain rules for simplicity and speed. Also, sometimes an adjective or a synonym for wiki engine.
wiki clone, wiki engine, wiki software
sites like the original wiki (WikiWikiWeb:WikiWikiClones) or, more usually, software that implements wiki sites, like Zwiki (WikiWikiWeb:WikiEngines)
wiki page
a page within a wiki web. A wiki page usually has a wiki name.
wiki name
a characteristic convention of most wikis: capitalized words run together are used to name pages, and link them. See WikiName.
wiki link
a link from one wiki page to another in the same wiki. Usually you just write the name of the target page. (If it doesn't exist yet, a page creation link will appear).
freeform wiki name
some wikis allow page names with spaces, punctuation and normal capitalization (instead of wiki names). On this site, freeform-named pages can be created and linked by enclosing the name in brackets.


Zwiki, ZWiki
the wiki software that runs this site. See ZWiki. Simple capitalisation is preferred, but that capital W is hard to get rid entirely of due to legacy code.
a zwiki, zwiki web, zwiki site
any wiki site that runs the Zwiki software.
zwiki page
a page within a zwiki web, like this page.
zwiki pages offer a form for conveniently appending comments. Comments are stored separately from the "document part" of the page and are displayed with author, date etc. (unless edited otherwise.)
an email sent to a mail-enabled zwiki for the purpose of posting a comment or creating a page.
a notification email sent out by a zwiki to its subscribers, as a result of a comment, page creation or other edit.
Zwiki Tracker
a simple issue tracking system that's built in to Zwiki. See ZwikiIssueTracker.
the default page name used for a zwiki tracker installation. See IssueTracker for an example.
tracker issue, issue page
the zwiki tracker stores each "issue" - a bug report, enhancement request, or anything - as a wiki page. An issue page is like an ordinary wiki page, except that it displays some extra issue properties and it is listed in the IssueTracker. By default this is triggered by the page name - a zwiki page with a freeform name like '![IssueNoNNNN issue description]' is treated as an issue page.


the open-source web application software for which Zwiki is an add-on product. See ZoPe.
the Zope Management Interface. Add '/manage' or '/manage_main' to any zope url to call it up (if permitted).
the Zope Object Database, where Zope stores persistent object data. Kept in INSTANCE_HOME/var/Data.fs on your filesystem.
environment variables which tell the location on your filesystem of Zope's software and server data files respectively.
zope event log
an important logfile for debugging Zope problems. See EventLog.
zope error_log
from Zope 2.6 on, many zope errors are logged automatically in /error_log in the ZMI.