Here's an overview of several less common but powerful Zwiki features. You may encounter zwiki sites with one or more of these available.

RSS feeds

Get an RSS feed of recently changed and recently created pages. RSS.

Issue tracking

Use wiki pages to track bugs and issues in a simple and effective way. ZwikiIssueTracker.

DTML scripting

Zwiki can support live DTML code in wiki pages; a very powerful feature. DTMLScripting.

fit tests

Develop and run live colour-coded software test suites in wiki pages. ZwikiAndFit.


Use latex formatting in wiki pages by installing the LatexWiki plugin. ZwikiAndLaTex.


You've learned about five additional features supported by Zwiki: RSS, issue tracking, DTML scripting, fit and latex.

The last part of the UsersGuide is a collection of user how-tos.